Vance MacLean


It’s 1984 and a 13-year-old boy from Cape Breton is handed a bass that his dad borrowed from a friend. He plucked it and the sound fed something in him. He carried this bass everywhere, it probably weighed more than he did. He played it until his fingers bled. When his bass isn’t in his hands, he’s still playing it. Music whirls around inside his head.



The Flying Burrito Brothers blasting on the record player as his fingers effortlessly walk the fretboard like Rick Danko. It was time: time to start a band and carry out a vision and share his passion with the world.



Vance is the band leader and bassist for The California Cure, the band he curated circa March 2019. He’s also a studio musician. Vance is one of the most talented bassists in North America and his baselines are guaranteed to bring your song to the next level. Contact Border Records for more details on how to hire Vance for your next project.



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